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Grace for Your Marriage & Home

February 22 & 23, 2019

with Dr. Colin Green

Our seminar leader, Dr. Colin Green, is the founder of Grace for Life Ministries and provides the services it offers. Colin has been pastoring for thirty-five years. He is a shepherd at heart with a real love for God and people. His insight to why and how people struggle in their life, faith, and relationships makes him a trusted mentor and effective counsellor. He is a highly trained student of the Word and a gifted Bible teacher. He presents truth in a down-to-earth way that allows people to understand it and want to apply it. People with no faith or church background find Colin easy to like and understand. Those whose faith is developed find him biblically sound and thought provoking. Colin reaches people where they are and helps them to discover a deeper faith, a stronger walk, a changed life.

After both the Friday and Saturday sessions, Dr. Green will be available for individual counselling if anyone is interested.

We sincerely hope you will be able to join us.  It is recommended that you attend all sessions and activities but if you know there is some part of the weekend you will not be attending we would appreciate you letting us know.  Please indicate your availability for sessions along with your registration below.

Admission is free but may we suggest you bring a food bank donation and/or consider a voluntary donation to help cover any costs incurred.



Friday, February 22, 2019

Session 1: Understanding Grace ~ 7:00 pm


Saturday, February 23, 2019

Session 2: Grace in your Life ~ 9:00 am

Break ~ 10:00 am

Session 3: Grace in Your Relationships

Lunch ~ 12:00 pm

Session 4a: Grace in Your Marriage ~ 1:15 pm

Break ~ 2:30 pm

Session 4b: Grace in Your Marriage (con't’d) ~ 2:45 pm

Session 5: Grace in Your Home ~ 3:30 pm

Close ~ 4:30 pm



Name *
Feb 22
Session 1: Undersatnding Grace 7:00 pm
Feb 23
Session 2: Grace in Your Life 9:00 am
Session 3: Grace in Your Relationships
Lunch 12:00 pm
Session 4a: Grace in Your Marriage 1:15pm
Session 4b: Grace in Your Marriage continued 2:45 pm
Session 5: Grace in Your Home

Registration deadline is February 17, 2019


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